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Afrikaans-English Dictionary on your PC
AeEa_2014 - for Windows XP, 7 (not the 7 starter version) and Windows 8

How to obtain this program
You can install and activate this program (Afr-Eng/Eng-Afr) for ZAR 500 (EUR 33) - email us at for full particulars on how to pay and how to install and actvvate AeEa_2014. If you would like the additional use of Dutch and German languages, the price is ZAR 600 (Eur 40). Please download the manual for a full description of how the program works and it's particulars.

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Functional description

The AeEa program is a bilingual (two-way) dictionary program which can be used as a stand-alone program as well as in conjunction with Microsoft Word.
In contrast to standard dictionaries (books/programs), AeEa also handles past tense, plural and other word forms, i.e. you can type in words like "gevaar", "went", "vreeslike", "groter","woordjies" ,"handles" and "shot".

The AeEa program has 11 buttons (top) and three text fields: two input and one output. Type a word in the centre text field and click either on the Eng to Afr or on the Afr to Eng button and the results will be displayed in bottom text field.

A special service to add (your) specialist terms (e.g. Insurance, Banking, Scientific etc.) to the program's dictionary is available (enquire: