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Ilse Evertse

I have been a freelance editor and translator since 1985 and currently I have a team of very experienced editors who help me. We are all bilingual South Africans and ex-South Africans. South Africa with its many populations groups who all speak English differently, taught us from early on to understand or interpret English that may not be the same as the English that we speak and write. All of us are also creative. Under my maiden name Ilse Steyn I have written 35+ romances for Lapa and Tafelberg Publishers (now called NB Publishers Limited), most of which have been reprinted. We are all therefore able to provide the writing skills lacking in many academic and business texts.

I work with various versions of Microsoft Word, using the Reviewing mode. If you are not familiar with this, I’ll send you a short explanation. My fee is negotiable.

Our client base mostly comprises:

  1. German and Swiss academics in the management field. It does help that I have a very good knowledge of German and can therefore do a "back" translation if required. I hasten to add that this does not always solve all editing problems as I have quite a few clients who have a knack for creating their own, very original, English idioms.
  2. Italian and French academics also from the management field; a number of French academics from Urban Studies. I know a smattering of French and no Italian, but somehow we manage to work together quite well. One of my team members knows French well enough to translate it into English.
  3. Finnish academics in the field of anthropology. And no, I don’t know Finnish, but close proximity to a Finn and many years of editing their texts have given me a good insight into the typical errors that Finns make when writing English. Having edited books consisting of contributions by anthropologists throughout the world, this has widened my experience of English "as she is writ" worldwide.
  4. Dutch academics from various technical universities. I understand and read Dutch perfectly and speak it almost fluently. Editing and/or translating texts produced by Dutch speakers is therefore another of the language services that I offer.
  5. Academics from the USA, Canada and Mexico. Not all Americans, and Canadians have English as their native tongue and need help with their English.
  6. Asian academics from various universities and institutions.
  7. Afrikaans speakers who need any texts translated into English or who need their English edited.
  8. Weird and wonderful projects: Editing a manual for Israeli irrigation software; translating and editing Dutch short stories into English and Afrikaans - translating the wordplay turned me grey overnight; editing a book on sport history, etc.

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My clients almost automatically become part of my worldwide tribe and I try my best to keep up with their careers and family life. One tribe member started off as a student’s whose Master’ s thesis I was asked to edit, then his PhD and these days he is a professor who tells his students to use me as an editor. Many of my tribe members have become acquainted, which has enlarged the network even more. Thank you to everyone who sends me wedding invitations and those important first-baby photos!

References will be provided on request.


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