Stellenbosch Publishers and Ilse Evertse Professional writing, editorial & translation services

Linguistic Software and International Language Services

Johan E Grobler, writer and editor
Amelia Burger: editing, proofreading - see Lemonade Hub below
Corry Booyens: proofreading (English, Afrikaans, Dutch)
Christine Anthonissen (English, German, Afrikaans)
André Crous: proofreading (English), translation French into English
Caroline Woermann: translation German into English and vice versa

Lemonade Hub: Idea generation, content creation and training
Abbing Tekst en Foto: Creatieve Communicatie in Woord en Beeld

circa 30 Universities and Academic Institutes in Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy, Finland, Netherlands, Austria, USA, Canada, USA, Taiwan, South Africa, Mexico