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Academic Afrikaans Spelling Checker - Akademiese Afrikaanse Spellingkorrigeerder

ProefLeser 2015
ProefLeser is an Afrikaans spelling checker, running externally but interacting with Microsoft Word 97 up to Microsoft Word 2010 and 2017 (but not Word365). ProefLeser 2015 is the latest version. It works under Windows XP (yes), Windows 7 and Windows 8, the installation is simpler than that of ProefLeser 2012 (see below) and it has some handy new functions. It does NOT run on Windows-7-Starter for Netbooks due to this Windows version's internal restrictions.

ProefLeser reads the document and stops at unknown words, supplying a list of suggested corrections - the more likely ones will be on top. The user can ignore unknown words, replace the unknown word by selecting one from the supplied list, type in own corrections, add them to the user dictionary (i.e. accept them in the future) or accept them only for the particular document.

During the ProefLeser session "unknown" words can be coloured red (font) and/or be highlighted yellow so that you can give attention to these after the ProefLeser session. If a word happens to be English, this is indicated be an E. The program displays a history of correction which you can just select if the same error occurs again (consistent corrections)

It shows the possible sub-words within a compound word (e.g. aan, aanloop, loopbaan, oop and baan in aanloopbaan). This will assist the user to decide whether a compound word is valid and would make sense. The program has vaious options such as listing word combinations that could be a single word (as well), e.g. haar fyn versus haarfyn as well as writing all the correct and accepted words, all the unknown words and all the combination/single words to text files.

It also features advanced search methods: prefix, infix, postfix as well as pattern-matching.

Download: ProefLeser 2015 manual and information

How to obtain this program
You can order, install and activate the ProefLeser program for ZAR 500 (circa EUR 35) - email us at for full particulars.