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Programming services

We specialise in developing stand-alone programs (developed in VB2015) that utilise the possibility of directly reading from and directly writing to Access databases, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents.

The program we deliver is an .exe file with all the required dll files that interact with the standard Microsoft Office files (.mdb, .xls and .doc), i.e the input and output files of this program can be utilised by the respective Microsoft Office programs.

Example 1:
A program that reads an Access database file and an Excel file (both with financial information), performs calculations and writes a Word document containing the annual financial report.

Example 2:
A program with a form (i.e. input on the screen), using the information and the choices supplied to compile a quote for an insurance policy in a Word document, emailing the document and updating a database containing all the past quotes.

Example 3:
A program that reads a Word document and produces a list of all the words used in the document with their frequency of occurence.

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