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TextDynamika 2010 - Translation Aid
Afrikaans - English (and vice versa)
German - English (and vice versa)
[To be replaced by TextDynamika 2014]

You can install and activate this program for ZAR 500 (circa EUR 35) - email us at for full particulars.

TD2010 assists the human translator. It gives instantaneous translations for requested words and phrases, it remembers all translated sentences as well as the most recent translation choices for a particular word or phrase. New words and phrases can be added to the dictionary and also removed.

The user connects TD2010 with the document in WinWord with the  W  button and choses one of four language directions with LangDir in the menu.

TD2010 has a SOURCE window and a TRANSLATION window. A selected sentence in WinWord is transferred to the source window and the translation for this sentence is built up in the translation window and finally put back into WinWord.

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