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Short history of Stellenbosch Publishers

Stellenbosch Publishers was started in 1989 in the town of Stellenbosch, South Africa. We were the first to publish an Afrikaans book on DOS (for the IBM PC). This was followed by Afrikaans and English books for the local market on Lotus, Quattro Pro, Word for Windows, Pascal, BASIC and Excel.

As there was no Afrikaans spelling checker or thesaurus in Word for DOS nor in Word for Windows at that time, we filled this gap by developing ProefLeser (Afrikaans spelling checker) and GrEAT (Afrikaans thesaurus). To keep pace with the subsequent versions of Word for DOS/Windows we continuously adapted and improved our ProefLeser and GrEAT.

At the same time, we branched out towards general IT, computer programming and publication services (editing, proofreading and translation). Due to all the visiting overseas academics at the University of Stellenbosch during the Nineties, our European customer base for editing services started growing faster compared to the local publication potential.

Since 2001 we are based in the Voorburg (near The Hague) in the Netherlands and our main activities now comprise editing and translation services for academics and professionals (German, Swiss, Italian, Finnish, Dutch, French, South African and Israeli) who have to publish in English.

Our co-workers (medewerkers) comprise highly qualified editors and translators in South Africa, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic and Germany.

We still maintain, adapt and improve our range of linguistic software: ProefLeser, GrEAT, AeEaDict and TextDynamika (see Software).

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